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NATA Accreditation

We are a NATA accredited asbestos testing laboratory. The NATA logo that we are allowed to display is an independent reassurance that Lifetree will deliver the right quality of service you need.

Unparalleled Quality

With multiple check points and stringent quality control, we make sure that our test results are free from error.

Qualified and Experienced Professionals

It’s our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff that helps us exceed your expectations every single time.

Affordable Lab-testing

We have a highly competitive price structure that ensures you get the best possible deal for all your asbestos testing in the local industry.

Commitment to fast turnaround for all samples

Typically, our turnaround time is three days but we also offer an emergency analysis service geared to produce results even quicker.
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Submit a sample

Step by step guide to sample collection and submittal

Sample Collection You cannot determine the presence of asbestos with the naked eye. Sampling and laboratory testing is the only conclusive method of identifying the presence of Asbestos. Therefore, you must treat all suspect material as if they are contaminated. Before taking any samples, the following instructions must be read carefully:

Special Notes: For any friable material that can be crushed into powder by hand such as insulation, sprayed coatings, paper backing to tiles or insulation, please do not proceed until you have completed the proper training. If you feel uncomfortable about taking an asbestos sample, we strongly recommend you call us and arrange a sampling technician from our laboratory to come to your home or workplace and take the samples for you. Sample Submittal

Results will generally be available within 3 days. We will notify you of the results by e-mailing you a certificate of analysis, advising whether or not asbestos was detected in your sample and also an identification of the type of asbestos.

Submittal Form

Submittal Form